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Course Description

This course is designed for everybody, as anxiety doesn't affect any particular age group. Whilst I started out thinking of adolescents and teenagers I quickly realised it provides information and relief from anxiety whatever your age!

'You shouldn't think that' 'You shouldn't feel this way' "calm down!' 'don't worry' 'get over it!' These comments might come from our own minds self judgement of us, or from others. The question is, are they helpful? (No! not usually) and how do they make us feel? (worse! most of the time)

Anxiety is perfectly normal, we all feel it, in the right amount it protects us (anxiety is produced by the mind looking for threats) it helps us perform, prepare for the test or the presentation. BUT when the mind prolongs the anxiety for too long and we start struggling with it and the way it makes us feel, it starts to impact negatively on our performance, well-being and our quality of life; ruin it even!

But how do you 'fix' something that is normal? and why should it need fixing anyway?

This course explains what is going on in your head, how your mind and body combine to make you feel anxious, and what you can do about it.There are 4 segments which will only take around 20 minutes each to work through. Each segment deals with a different aspect of anxiety with videos, short explanations and some simple mindfulness exercises to try.

Leah writes " Dr Nick's courses are incredibly beneficial and teach you how to manage and potentially 'cure' your anxiety. Understand the fight and flight response, learn to stay in the present and help create peace in a busy life. I've now done 2 courses with Dr Nick and every-time I speak to him I feel like I learn more than I do in a semester at Uni!! I would say that learning and practising mindfulness is essential for improving your health and overall quality of life'.

Dr Nick Penney holds a PhD in Musculoskeletal Medicine from The Australian Centre of National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Queensland. His research focussed on the Biopsychosocial model of pain and the obstacles to recovery from low back pain. This understanding that the 'whats going on' in our lives is highly predictive of our ability to recover from pain led to training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with Professor Mark Williams to compliment his own mindfulness practice. Dr Nick is also vocationally registered in Pain Management in New Zealand and a member of The International Society for the study of Pain (IASP).

Dr Nick Penney

Course creator

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Chapter 1

    • Your brain on stress and anxiety

  • 02

    Chapter 2

    • Struggling with fear and anxiety

    • Dot B

  • 03

    Chapter 3

    • Dealing with stress and anxiety

    • Mindfulness exercise on compassion

    • Relaxation Response Exercise Pt1

  • 04

    Chapter 4

    • Awareness: The ultimate antidote for anxiety

    • Mindfulness exercise on gratitude