Course Description

This is the mindful recovery from ongoing paincourse combined with personal guidance from Dr Nick. This allows us to 'customise' the course to your own individual requirements and allows you 2 hours of personal coaching from Dr Nick on Skype or face time.

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Pain is much more than just a sensation. In the short term pain is there to protect us, but after 3 months or so it stops serving any protective purpose. Ongoing pain drags on our physical and emotional wellbeing, it is stressful, disabling, frustrating and worrying.

Investigations and treatments are often still aimed at trying to identify and ‘fix’ the site of the pain and we can end up in a never-ending cycle causing yet more stress! No wonder so many people give up! and become stuck with their pain and the belief that there is nothing else to be done.

Well there is! So don’t give up hope, stay open to the possibilities that things can and will change, as best you can.

This program brings together the how and why our systems produce the sensation of pain, helping us to understand how the biological factors interact with our thoughts and beliefs and the ‘what’s going on’ in our lives to produce and maintain the pain. Research shows that this understanding can help decrease the threat and uncertainty about pain and start to decrease its grip on our lives.

Armed with this knowledge and understanding, combined some practical advice we will start to retrain the nervous system with the guided mindfulness exercises. Despite the fact that the nervous system has learnt to sing the ‘tune of pain’ there is no reason we cannot teach it a different song. We can literally use our mind to physically change our brain, known as neuroplasticity. Our brain has the power to switch off the pain and allow us to recover, and this program teaches us how and why we should do this.

Each week there is a explanation page of what we doing, some narrated power point educational slides, quick tips and practical advice, and some guided mindfulness exercises to practice with each day, or as often as you can. Some lessons also include interesting videos that help illustrate the lesson.

There is nothing to loose and everything to gain from doing this training, so as the advert says ‘Just do it’!

Dr Nick

Dr Nick Penney holds a PhD in Musculoskeletal Medicine from The Australian Centre of National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Queensland. His research focussed on the Biopsychosocial model of pain and the obstacles to recovery from low back pain. This understanding that the 'whats going on' in our lives is highly predictive of our ability to recover from pain led to training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy with Professor Mark Williams to compliment his own mindfulness practice. Dr Nick is also vocationally registered in Pain Management in New Zealand and a member of The International Society for the study of Pain (IASP).

Dr Nick Penney

Course creator

Course curriculum

  • 01

    A New Way of Thinking About Pain

    • A New Way of Thinking About Pain - The Biopsychosocial Model

    • An Evidence Based Way of Thinking About Pain

    • Brain Man

    • Guided mindfulness practices and schedule

    • Relaxation Response Training Part 1

  • 02


    • Sleep Hygiene

    • Sleep

    • Taking in the good

    • Relaxation Response Training Part 2

  • 03

    Integrating Mind and Body

    • Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

    • Bringing Mind and Body Together

    • The Body Scan

  • 04


    • Paying Attention

    • Attention!

    • Guided Body Scan

    • Short Sitting Meditation

  • 05

    Mindful Movement

    • Moving Mindfully

    • Moving Mindfully

    • City Monk

    • Guided Mindful Movement

    • The Body Scan

    • Breathing Space

  • 06

    Thoughts, emotions, sensations - What the mind does!

    • Signals of danger or safety

    • Pain, a Combination of Thoughts, Emotions and Sensations

    • Yoda on fear!

    • Sitting Meditation

    • Mindful Movement

    • Breathing Space

    • Dot B

  • 07

    Staying Present

    • Staying Present with Emotions

    • Staying Present with Emotions

    • The Science of Mindfulness

    • Alice Herz-Sommer, A remarkable woman

    • Sitting Meditation

    • Mindful Movement

    • Breathing Space

    • Extended Breathing Space

  • 08

    Thinking and Pain

    • Thinking about thinking

    • Thinking and Pain

    • Headspace mindfulness explained

    • Sitting Meditation

    • Breathing Space

    • Extended Breathing Space

  • 09


    • Allowing and letting be

    • Acceptance

    • Sitting Meditation

    • Breathing Space

    • Extended Breathing Space

  • 10

    Taking Care of Ourselves

    • Taking Care of Ourselves

    • Taking Care of Ourselves

    • Science-of-Happiness

    • Breathing Space

    • Loving Kindness Meditation

  • 11

    Present and Future

    • Present and Future

    • Present and Future

    • This-is-Water

    • Body Scan

    • Sitting Meditation